Our Vision

Project Overview

The proposed Eglinton Solar Farm site is suitable for large-scale solar due to its proximity to the electricity transmission network and available cleared land.

Three high voltage power lines run across the site offering direct connection to the electricity grid.

The size of the site means it can accommodate solar arrays, while allowing vegetated areas and gullies to be excluded from the development.

The site is currently used for grazing stock which can continue when it becomes an operating solar farm, with the possibility of combining with regenerative agriculture into the future.

The Eglinton Solar Farm would assist in reducing carbon emissions and contribute to NSW’s target of net zero emissions by 2050.

Environmental surveys

A number of surveys will be completed in order to understand any key environmental and land use constraints so that the solar farm design can avoid or minimise impacts to the Eglinton site. In line with NSW Government requirements, the surveys will include:

  • Biodiversity assessment
  • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment
  • Historic Heritage Assessment
  • Visual Impact Assessment
  • Traffic Assessment
  • Noise Assessment
  • Social and Economic Impact Assessment

AGriculture & Solar

Neoen are leading the way in combining agriculture with solar – or ‘agrisolar’. There are currently sheep grazing under the panels of all 5 of Neoen’s operating solar farms in NSW and Victoria.

The plan for Eglinton Solar Farm is to combine sheep grazing and regenerative agriculture with the solar farm, with the intention of improving the soil quality and soil carbon over time.

There are no issues with sheep-grazing co-existing with solar farms. It’s an opportunity and win-win for farmers and renewable energy producers.

Tom Warren, Land Owner
Dubbo Solar Hub in NSW

Why we need Eglinton

Renewable energy project such as Eglinton help reduce electricity costs and keep the lights on in New South Wales.

Enough energy to power 77,600 homes

No greenhouse gas emissions
Cleaner air


Providing 25 years of clean energy to New South Wales