Update – December 2022

Despite a strong level of support from the local community for the solar farm, Neoen has decided to withdraw our plans for the Eglinton Solar Farm. This means that we will not be submitting a Development Application for the project.

The main reason for withdrawing the project is the growing uncertainty within the large-scale solar market. The forecast power prices for NSW solar are continuing to decrease, making it very difficult for large-scale solar farms across the state to sell the power generated at a competitive price. One key reason for the decreasing power prices for solar is the rapid rate at which rooftop solar is being installed on domestic houses – this drives the prices down during the middle of the day, reducing the income that solar farms can expect to receive due to the over-supply of solar power generated.

We would like to thank the community for their interest in and support of our project.

Neoen has been contributing to Australia’s energy transition with 100% renewable energy since 2012.

With a balanced portfolio of wind, solar and big battery projects, we are aiming to achieve 10 GW by 2030. We own and operate all of the projects we build (rather than developing them to be sold) and as long-term neighbours we are committed to sharing the benefits with surrounding communities.

This dedication to community and environment has made us a renewable energy developer of choice in Australia.